Knee+ in Ambulatory

New step forward for Pixee Medical and first surgery in ambulatory for Knee+ !

Thanks to Dr. Jérôme VILLEMINOT and his team from Clinique St Odile in Haguenau (France), Pixee added three “first-ever” events to our Knee+ Augmented Reality story:
-First ambulatory surgery using our MIS solution
-First use of our full navigated and reusable instrumentation
-First AR navigation of the U2 TKR implant from United Orthopedic Corporation

Before the end of the same day, the post-op imagery showed consistent results with AR navigated values and the patient went home walking alone! Dr. Jérôme VILLEMINOT is actively promoting ambulatory surgeries since he performed in France the first one for TKR in 2012.

During the last 2 months, Pixee achieved successfully the first round of the Knee+ clinical validation program. This major milestone is starting a second round, opening the way to a first limited commercialization of this innovative solution in November 2020.