Knee+ CE approved

Pixee Medical is proud to announce the CE marking of Knee+, the first orthopedic navigation system using augmented reality for Total Knee Arthroplasty. It is a major milestone for the company, which is entering a strategic market.
The certification allows the commercialization of its innovative product across the European Union and other CE Mark geographies by using implants manufacturers as distributors. In the meantime, Pixee Medical is also granted of the ISO 13485:2016 certification. A next regulatory step will be an FDA approval (510k) for Knee+ before the end of the year.
The unique patented technology, combining proprietary computer vision and deep learning algorithms, allows to use off-the-shelf AR glasses to track precisely instruments and implants during surgeries. Compared to bulky and expensive robotic solutions, Knee+ is simple to use, cost effective and does not require preoperative DICOM or disposables.
Pixee Medical raised over 2.5 million € and won the last French I-Nov contest with a grant of 1.2 million € in order to support technological breakthroughs in computer assisted orthopedic solutions.
Welcome to a new world of augmented surgeons!